Mad Max full suspended recumbent trike

Mad Max tricycle

Mad Max is Steintrikes first full suspended off road trike model with several unique design features. Unlike all competitors' trikes with suspended front wheels, Mad Max recumbent trike has a narrow track and double wishbone arm forming paralelogram movement keeping the kingpin and wheel axles at proper positions relative to steering mechanism and ground. Above that, the suspension on this trike has a progressive movement pattern allowing more wheel movement at specific suspension suppression. This system allows the suspension to compensate even the roughest bumps without locking up. This results in the smoothest possible ride, maximal ride and handling comfort and full control on steering at all times. The rear suspension is similar to our Nomad recumbent trike with the rear pulley taking off the feedback effect from the rear suspension and thus, also it saves the precious energy. With several further improvements, the overall weight of the trike has been significantly reduced, without compromising the durability or reliability.

Technical specification:

Frame: steel ST 52, BB tube and handlebar AL
Wheels: front 18" (355 mm), rear 20" (406 mm)
Seat angle: 30° - 45°
Track width: 69,5 cm
Overall width: 73,5 cm
Overall length: 1,89 m - 2,09 m
Seat height: 26,5 cm
BB height: 45-54 cm
Wheel base: 1,09 m
Turning circle: 3,25 m (out-out)
Brakes: Disc brakes AVID BB7
Suspension: 70 mm on all three wheels
Derailer: Shimano Deore 24 Gg. with Shimano Gripshift (optional from 24-81 Sp.)
Weight: from 18,9 kg

Mad Max
Mad Max
Mad Max

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