CT recumbent tricycle

A Wide, stable, with highly seated rider, very visible in traffic, also allowing you to see around corners, the best choice for urban jungle. Adjustable seat angle, easy to sit in and get up. Ideal for taking a child to a ride, kindergarden, smaller shopping tours, or just having fun and being relaxed during a healthy excersize. CT allows for a big luggage carrier or a child seat, has excellent and predictable steering, perfectly safe braking system and is possible to get it with all the accessories you might need and wish for. Mudguards (fenders), lights, safety flag, parking brake...

Technical specification:

Frame: steel ST52
Wheels:20" (406 mm)
Seat angle: 40° - 80°
Wheel track: 77 cm
Overall width: 83 cm
Overall length: 1,65 m - 1,85 m
Wheel base: 99 cm
Seat: mesh seat
Seat height: 35 cm
BB height: 33-39 cm
Turning circle: 4,0 m (out-out)
Brakes: Disc brakes AVID BB7
Derailer: Shimano Deore with Shimano Gripshift
Weight: from 17,8 kg

CT trike
CT trike
CT trike
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