Wild One 4x4 FAT - 20/26


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  • Progressive suspension travel 100mm
  • Frame advanced geometry for maximum efficiency
  • Precise steering with Ackermann compensation in full suspension travel
  • Optimal seat height for maximum power delivery
  • Fat tires 20/26 inch
WILD ONE FAT 20/26 is an off-road full suspended trike with oversized tires designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud.

The pictures are informative only and may vary from actual product

Go to places others cannot reach!

The Wild One Fat 20/26 is a tricycle that looks cool and is fun to ride.

Looking for a trike that can handle the bumps and some off-road paths? This full suspended trike offers the highest level of comfort and unique safety reserves capabl e of crossing different types of terrain, including snow, sand, desert...

Suspension we use is pre-load adjustable Coilovers with nitrogen charge, travel on all wheels is 100mm. This high-speed chassis is the reference among the full suspension trikes. The contact point with ground (track width) remains unchanged in complete suspension travel. No tire rubbing across the direction of travel, nothing slows the urge to move forward.

The trike is adapted to each customer using different spring hardnesses and seat sizes. In the urban jungle you can drive over 50mm vertical edges at full throttle without the driver noticing. The unique chassis design reacts extremely sensitively to all kinds of obstacles. No matter whether sharp edges, gravel, roots or badly lowered curbs, the Double Wishbone front suspension swallows everything away. Even if you driving over a large bump in the forest at high speed and the trike taking off, the progressive front wheels suspension design withstands the landing without the landing gear breaking through. No other trike offers more suspension comfort and this unique handling. The low seat height of 30cm in connection with 87cm track width allow very high curve tempo.

We would be happy to help you put together your desired trike and build the trike of your dreams.

Frame Material: ST52 BK ( low carbon manganese steel )
Front wheels: 20"x4" (406mm)
Rear wheel: 26"x4" (559mm)
Seat angle: 30° - 37°
Track width: 800mm
Overall width: 900mm
Overall length: 1,9m - 2,2m
Seat height: 30cm
BB height: 47cm
Turning circle: 5m (out-out)
Suspension travel front: 100mm
Suspension travel rear: 100mm
Wheel base: 1255mm

Capacity: 120kg Rider
Weight: from 19kg

As an accessory we are offering you:

Carrier - low rider


Computer holder