What is a Modular System and what is so great about it?

Lego, PC, Ford, Volkswagen, Ikea... You probably heard about these. At first glance, there is nothing common between these. Right? Wrong!

All these share something, and that’s a Modular System. 

What is a Modular System?

A modular system is a collection of building blocks that can be configured in different ways, adapting for different customer needs. Over time, some modules will be developed to serve new purposes or to improve performance in some aspect. Optimization and cost-cutting can be done within modules without the...

FAQ: Steel vs. Aluminium

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “Why do you build Steel and not Aluminium frames?”


There are many reasons why steel and not aluminium, and we will try to explain from our side. Warning: This might be more technical than you expect.

The very first and most important reason is the technology required to work with steel alloys comes from very cheap all the way to highly expensive and sophisticated. The technology to work with aluminium starts at everything but cheap. Once you go touring and ride far away from where you can get everything by...