Speedster recumbent bike Speedster is just another lowracer. No, it's not. It is low, and yes, it does reseble lowracers, but it's not the same as most of the other lowracers. It's lower than our Speedy, but not dangerously low, so you can go with Speedster wherever you want to. The low and reclined position adds to speed by reducing the frontal surface area significantly. With the steering above the seat and optimized position of the crank relative to the seating position and angle, minimal interference with the chain routing, this is one really fast bicycle, yet, as all our products, practical at the same time.

Speedster FS

Speedster full suspended Speedster FS is the full suspended version of the Speedster. It comes with the same front suspension fork we designed for Speedy. With full suspension, this fast bicycle becomes even faster because it reduces the stress from potentially tiresome rides over rough roads. With vibration and stress excluded from the riding experience, one can ride faster, longer and further. Some prefer to tour, and with this bike, it's also possible, a suspended rear luggage rack is available. Thanks to the proper design of the front suspension, there is no change in steering geometry during movement of the suspension, or during braking, therefore, it's also very safe in all aspects.

Technical specification:

Frame:steel ST 52
Seat height: 31 cm
BB height: 58-62 cm
Seat angle: 26°-36°
Wheels: front 16" (349 mm), rear 20" (406 mm)
Wheel base: 1,18 m
Overall length: 190 cm - 215 cm
Brakes: Disc brakes Avid BB7
Derailer: Shimano 105 triple, 18 Sp with Sram Gripshift
Weight: 18,5 kg basic Speedster



Speedster FS

Speedster FS
Speedster FS
Speedster FS

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