Roadshark recumbent tricycle

Roadshark recumbent trike Roadshark is Steintrikes first recumbent trike model and in the past 9 years has been evolved a lot. It features a widely spread MTB standard 26" rear wheel which allows for a simple drivetrain and a wide choice of tyres, and a rigid frame construction for minimal energy loss. With a proven and reliable steering and narrow track, this trike is an excellent choice for universal use, both for short errands and commuting. At weekends and a proper set-up, with selected equipment, you may as well go and try it out at a race track.

Technical specification:

Frame: ST 52
Wheels: front 20" (406 mm), rear 26"
Seat angle: 28° - 39°
Track width: 65,5 cm
Overall width: 69,5 cm
Overall legth: frame normal 1,95 m - 2,15 m, frame large 2,00 m - 2,20 m
Seat height: 29 cm
Wheel base: frame normal 1,15m - 1,18m, frame large 1,19m - 1,23m
BB height: 36-45 cm
Turning circle: 3,20 m (out-out)
Brakes: Disc brakes AVID BB7
Derailer: Shimano 105 with Shimano Gripshift
Weight: from 16,8 kg


Roadshark trike
Roadshark trike
Roadshark trike

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