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Magnum tricycle

Magnum is the best name for our tandem and from the very first moment, it seemed natural to call it simply "big". As all our trikes, it's a specialized vehicle and therefore, as any other tandem or specialized vehicle, for that matter, might seem it has disadvantages.

Not really. Recumbent tandems have several advantages over solo trikes when two people have to travel.

First advantage is the fact that not all components are doubled. Instead of six wheels, there are only three, so it is in fact a regular recumbent trike with a longer frame which allows two people to travel together. Sitting one behind the other, the aerodynamics is much better because only one person's body surface is cutting the air and generally over 50% gain has been achieved when combined with the lower overall weight (compared to two solo trikes). If two people on two trikes can achieve and maintain 30kmh speed, they will be able to easily pedal at 45kmh on the Magnum.

How is that possible? When we designed the Magnum, we knew the position of the two riders will give the initial aerodynamic benefit, but that wasn't good enough. A wide and long frame usually has to be heavy to be able to carry the doubled weight and sustain twice the power. Not necessarily. To reduce the frontal area we kept the front width at 800mm and reduced the size of the front wheels from the usual 20" BMX size to 16" (ISO 349). This way, not just the frontal area is significantly reduced, but it's also stronger because a smaller wheel on the specific axle represent a smaller load and also gives a fantastic turning capability.

With the average seat width of 370mm at 800mm track, the 20" wheel has enough clearance to make a small turn with a solo trike. With 2400mm wheelbase, it's a completely different situation. The steering had to be specially designed to allow more than 45 degrees of turn to the inside wheel so it doesn't get locked. With the trailing steering arms, the 45 degrees angle on the inside wheel represents the absolute theoretical maximum and then a long trike needs a lot of space to make a full turn. That is why we designed the Magnum with the cross linked rods and leading steering arms. The steering pivot has been moved forward to avoid the steering rods conflicting with the front wheels during extreme turning angles. Theoretically, the inside wheel can turn by full 90 degrees allowing the tandem to turn on it's wheelbase radius. The practical limit occurs at approximately some 70 degrees allowing the Magnum to make a 2.6 meter turning radius, or in practical terms, you can turn around with it on any road.

This is not all. Magnum has two adjustable seats, adjustable handlebars, can be easily taken apart for storage or transport, disc brakes in front and in the back as every Steintrikes trike.

Technical specification:

Frame: ST 52
Wheels: front 16" (349mm), rear 20" (406 mm)
Seat angle: 30° - 45°
Wheel track: 83,5 cm
Overall width: 90 cm
Overall length: 3,30 m - 3,50 m
Seat height: 27 cm - 29 cm
BB height: 36 cm - 46 cm
Wheel base: 2,52 m
Turning circle: 7,0 m (out-out)
Brakes: Disc brakes AVID BB7 (x3)
Derailer: Shimano Deore/105 with Shimano Gripshift (optional 24-81 Sp.)
Cranksets: Double freewheel system LASCO
Weight: from 32 kg


Magnum full
Magnum side
Magnum detail

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