The Interceptor one more velomobile recumbent product based on modular design. Thus, you can upgrade to a purchase of a Mungo sport this aerodynamic fairing and enjoy the benefits of the Interceptor.

This completely new development in the velomobile area is unique, it combines high speed and comfort. The aerodynamic fairing is tightly pulled around to the driver and has an optimized small frontal area. The driver takes the same position as lying at the "naked" Mungo sport. Thus, the usual BB position is maintained. The fully enclosed design protects the rider in front of the weather to 100%, regardless of whether wind, rain, hail or snow.

The big window offers a perfect panoramic view without disturbing image. This does not fog up the window in high humidity, the vehicle has an effective ventilation by means of a specially designed air ventilation. The inlet is on the front between the protuberances of the foot-step loop. At the far end of the air channel is U-shaped profile, so the whole window is kept fogging. At warmer temperatures flows here plenty of cool fresh air and makes for a pleasant indoor climate. The aerodynamically integrated roof mirror completes the perfect all-round view, providing even under the most difficult situations a reliable estimate of the traffic behind you, such as at night, in rain, the mirror is dry, and glare.

To also carry enough luggage, we have every room in the sleek full fairing used. The entire rear to front under the driver's seat, we have designed as a self-contained boot. This is even available separately and use. He has about 100 liters of storage space. Furthermore, offers the full covering other features.

For longer increases the speed drops below 20 km / h. A closed car heats up quickly at low speeds and increased power output, this leads to strong performance declines due to overheating and dehydration. This solves the IC by his brilliant start concept. The whole upper part of the full panel will open a ALU Parallellogramm linkage in a smooth arc toward the front. In the open position, the bonnet can be fixed, so you can climb completely open to the mountains and feel the fresh wind blow through your nose.

Another advantage is the easy, convenient access and easy access of the drive, the purpose of adjustment and maintenance reasons. For leg length adjustment in a few seconds, you only have the one off or Tretlagerrohr. Special roles on the chain length is automatically adjusted. So the driver gets into the pilot seat surrounds, relaxes the side bar ends, the feet placed on the magnetic pedals, the front cover pulls back up and go the ride. With a few powerful kicks to speed quickly on the IC than 40 km / h. The panel cuts through the wind. Like the hot knife through butter.

In connection with our famous Mungo sports suspension and a reasonable ground clearance of the full panel, it is also the major adversity to drive fast and safe, such as: Path edges, frost cracks, potholes, speed thresholds ...

The double wishbone front suspension ruled expresses sensitive to any surface modification, suspension travel has a huge 75 mm and a camber control of the compressing wheel. This high tech gear is from the motor sport. The rear suspension with a stroke of 75 mm combined with our special drive-roller assembly, called NoWasteDesign, prevents drive influences on the suspension. The comfort and efficiency of this NoWasteDesign leaves nothing to be desired. Test the fastest round velomobile and they are much Radlfahrer like never before in your life.

Technical specification:

Frame:steel ST 52, BB holder and handlebars from AL
Wheels: 18" (355mm) , rear 20" (406 mm)
Seat angle: 38°
Track width: 78 cm
Overall width: 82 cm
Fairing width: 60 cm
Overall height with roof: 107 cm
Overall height without roof: 102 cm
Overall length: 2,62 m
Seat height: 28 cm
Wheel base: 1,14m
BB height: 48-53 cm
Turning circle: about 7m
Brakes: Disc brakes AVID BB7
Derailer: Shimano Deore 81 speed with Shimano DuraAce bar end shifters
Weight: from 32 kg

Interceptor trike
Interceptor velomobile
Interceptor tricycle

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