Steintrikes Explorer comes with 75 mm suspension travel on all three wheels, based on Mungo and Mad Max proven concept with the low seat height of 28 cm, a narrow track width of 75 cm and an efficient bottom bracket height of 20-24 cm (above the seat), a small cross section and extremely good coasting that beats every unsuspended trike.

Even with narrow racing tires it is possible to negotiate small curbs at full speed. For luggage a light lowrider rack can be fitted, that can carry 2 big panniers of around 60 litres capacity. The luggage is, as on other Steintrikes, placed far forward so the trike can attain high speed in turns when fully loaded.

The Explorer also can be ordered in different configurations like all other our products.
The rear wheel size is always 26 inches.
There are 3 variants: Explorer 16", 18" or 20" front wheels.
The rear shock can be adjusted so the frames attitude and steering stays the same.

Technical specification:

Frame:steel ST 52, BB and handlebars from AL
Wheels: front 18" (355mm) or 20" (406mm), rear 26" (559 mm)
Seat angle: 26° - 39°
Track width: 78 cm
Overall width: 82 cm
Overall length: 2,20 m
Seat height: 28 - 32 cm (depending on front wheels)
Wheel base: 1,14m
BB height: 48-53 cm
Turning circle: 3,35 m (out-out)
Brakes: Disc brakes AVID BB7
Derailer: Shimano 105 with Shimano Gripshift
Weight: from 18,9 kg

Explorer trike
Explorer tricycle
Explorer recumbent

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