Steintrikes and BionX

All our trikes and velomobiles can be fitted with a BionX hub motor model PL 250 HT equipped with recuperation. On downhills, the engine turns into generator and loads the battery.


The battery is a crucial part of the system and the weight of the trike. To keep the durability and weight at optimal range BionX uses NiMH (nickel metal hydride) and Li-Mn (Lithium- Manganese) batteries.
Li-Mn battery PL-350 36V weighing only 3 kg, this new battery will provide 10% longer autonomy.

The range depends on the selected support level:
Level 1: 35%
Level 2: 75%
Level 3: 150%
Level 4: 300%

The system is combined with a charger delivered. A battery can take about 1-3 hours to charge, regardless of the battery (no memory effect). The charger automatically determines the charge level and stops charging when the battery's full capacity is reached. A LED indicator lights up at full charge.


The engine itself has a weight of 4 kg. Its performance is dependent on support levels. Nominal power 350 W and peak 700 W. Likewise, depending on the support level, the torque between 10 Nm and a maximum of 32 Nm can be rached. In Europe, the maximum speed of 25 km/h is allowed. With the help of a microprocessor, the current thrust determines which compensates the weakest section, and a steady advancement is assured. This is also described as an intelligent system. For safety, the engine is completely sealed and thus absolutely protected from rain. A thermal protection prevents any overheating. The motor is completely maintenance-free, because he has a magnetic drive technology, allowing no friction and no wear arises.

Control Console:

With the console, you can select 4 support levels. In addition, the console in a multi-functional bike computer with the following features: current speed, total odometer, trip meter, travel time and average speed. In addition, you can check the current battery reading.


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