Steintrikes have been in existence since the year 2000. Steintrikes have built the Roadshark as their first tricycle model.

Since the year 2004 we have had a close cooperation with Thomas Seide and his company BIKE REVOLUTION. After our first public apearrance at SPEZI 2004, supported by BIKE REVOLUTION, we developed a partnership relation. Since then, BIKE REVOLUTION has been our distributor for EU and co-designer. Our cooperation has resulted in Steintrikes becoming a recognized brand in Europe. Results of this cooperation have been new models like Nomad Sport, MadMax, Speedy and Speedster, further final refinement of our Alien, Magnum, Nomad and our latest top line products like MadMax evo 2, Mungo and the Thunderstorm velomobile.

In addition, Bike Revolution has been the redesigner and initiator of getting the Licence to produce the Leitra Avancee. Now the Leitra Avancee is being manufactured by Steintrikes.

Our frames are made from a raw material we ourselves have chosen. It's a cold drawn precision seamless tubing with a wall only 1mm thick. We use the same material for all the frame parts, and we hand build our frames. We measure, clean, cut and weld every single piece to make a frame. It's really hand made in the best meaning of the term. But it's not just that. We used someone else's invention to make it simpler. Some years ago, in the electronics industry, someone started building "modules" and started plugging them onto the motherboard, and we have done that with our frames. We made a design with a specific wheelbase and track, tested it, refined the steering design and we got ourselves an excellent trike model. It had a flaw: it wasn't good for everyone all the time. So, we took the same front end, kept the wheelbase and changed its rear end, and we got the first modular trike. Then came the others. Today, you can choose small or big wheel, hard tail or suspended; it's all up to your preference. And even better, if you decide you want a change for the Summer or Winter, for touring or racing, you can "pimp your ride"... And it doesn't require a surgery on an open wallet...

Even though different, our frames are all the same when it comes to quality, handling and weight. They are good, reliable and light. Have a look.

Trike models
RoadShark MadMax
Nomad Mungo
Nomad Sport Magnum
BionX el.motor Alien
CT Explorer
Hand trike
Bike models
Speedy/FS Speedster/FS
Interceptor Leitra Avancee
Bike Revolution
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